August 24, 2022

Serena Williams is truly one of the greatest of all time - her impact and legacy go far beyond the tennis court.

She’s won 23 Grand Slams (one of which she won whilst 2 months pregnant) and 4 Olympic Gold Medals. Her name has been mentioned in more songs than one can count, even featuring in Beyonce’s visual album Lemonade! And, despite all the backlash she's experienced, she has risen above the criticism and succeeded through it all.

The beautifully written Vogue article announcing her evolution was a harrowing reminder of what it means to be a mother, not only as an athlete, but in the workplace too. Her transparency and vulnerability are appreciated, as often these conversations are swept under the rug within the athlete's sphere. We hope that athletes like Williams and Allyson Felix, who have been open with their motherhood challenges, will continue to inspire others to speak up about their own.

Over her impressive 27-year professional career, she’s gone on to achieve things her counterparts still have yet to do. For instance, she’s the only tennis player to get a Career Golden Slam as both a singles player and a doubles player, she has won 23 Grand Slam singles titles (the most by any player in the Open Era), and she has inspired many tennis players and athletes across the world to compete at the highest level. Williams is also still playing against people who watched her matches during their formative years.

Many have been compared, but very few can compete with Williams and all her accomplishments. Whilst Serena holds onto tennis for as long as she can, we will be holding onto her vision & ambition for as long as we can.

Serena won her first major title at the 1999 US Open, will she win her last major at the US Open this year?

From 29th August, you’ll be able to catch her farewell and all the action from the final Grand Slam of the year, LIVE on Sport 24 and Sport 24 Extra!

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