Frequenty Asked Questions

How can I watch Sport 24?

You can watch SPORT 24 when travelling with one of our airline or cruise line partners.

Can I watch Sport 24 on demand?

SPORT 24 isn’t available to watch on demand. Instead, we focus on bringing travellers all the drama and excitement from live events!

What is Sport 24 Extra?

SPORT 24 EXTRA is a platform that only broadcasts live sports content. No reruns, no review programmes, no highlights – only ever live action!

What events are shown on Sport 24?

We broadcast the world’s finest line-up of sports, from the Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup, to annual events and leagues such as the Premier League, NFL, UEFA Champions League, Wimbledon, NBA, to name just a few! The full selection is available to view here.

Is Sport 24 available on domestic flights?

No, SPORT 24 is only available on international travel in long-haul flights.

Will Sport 24 be available across the entire fleet of your airline and cruise line partners?

Not necessarily. Some partners will only have SPORT 24 available on certain types of aircraft or vessels. We recommend checking directly with the airline or cruise line you will be travelling with ahead of your departure date.

What time zone is the schedule in?

Our schedule is in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), but on our website it will display depending on the native time zone of your I.P. address. You can adjust it to any time zone on the drop-down list on the Schedule page.

Can I print a copy of the schedule to take with me on my cruise or flight?

Absolutely! To optimise the printing page, click on the printer icon on the top right corner of the Schedule page. Select a schedule type and date range to generate a preview page, then click the yellow print button at the top. For optimum printing results please use Google Chrome, and please also note that our schedule is subject to change.

How can I stay up to date with what’s on Sport 24?

Make sure to visit our website regularly! Alternatively, you can also sign up to our newsletter to receive scheduling information straight to your inbox every other Monday.

Can I watch Sport 24 at home?

No, SPORT 24 can only be watched by travellers in the air or at sea.

Can I advertise on Sport 24?

For any advertising enquiries, please contact us on Please note we do not currently advertise on our website.