About us

Sport 24 connects travellers to unmissable sporting moments in the most unforgettable way – live onboard. 

Launched in 2012, we revolutionised the travel experience by delivering all the drama and excitement from the most competitive sporting events, as they happen, to passengers worldwide. We broadcast only the best sports content 24 hours a day, year-round!

Our platform offers a unique experience for millions of international travellers. From the casual to the avid sports fan, we’re for everyone, everywhere. Through state-of-art technology, we showcase the finest line-up of live sports delivered to your seat at 40,000ft or your cruise cabin in the middle of the ocean. 

Innovation is in our DNA. We’re owned and produced by IMG – a global powerhouse in sports, events and entertainment – and we’re trusted by some of the most influential travel brands

We’re your window into the world’s biggest sports leagues while you travel, and in 2021 we will broadcast extended live coverage of the biggest events of the year – the UEFA Euro and the Olympic Games. You can see our full line-up of events below.